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Who We Are

ANS Tech Solution is primarily a Solar Energy Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Company, having expertise in Solar power plants , Solar water pump and Solar water heaters. We specialize in Solar rooftop Off-Grid, Hybrid and Grid connected power plants for Residential, commercial, institutional & Industrial Buildings. Our aim is to develop Solar Energy as a sustainable and effective alternative source of Energy in India. We are Tied-up with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt of India, channel partner to carry out Solar projects. This makes our clients eligible to receive Subsidies granted by the Government of India for Solar projects. Our Mission is to deliver quality, cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction & Efficient Solar power systems to our Customers. We strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our products & services .


ANS Tech Solution is primarily a Solar Energy Engineering , procurement and Construction (EPC) Company, has been founded by Ms. Madhu Singh having dominance in solar market because of her academic background (Electrical Engineer) ,prior experience of more than 5 years and hands-on knowledge in Solar Industry. We are fundamentally focused on solar rooftop power plant solutions. We at ANS Tech Solution, handle our projects with over 80 checkpoints at every given stage,These checkpoints are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure timely handing over of the projects.

Our unique proposition includes :-

All energy is ultimately derived for the sun and harvesting it directly through solar power seems to be the best way to transition to renewable energy.